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Blue Snow, with Partner Manufacturers , promotes Softwares, Tools and Equipment that can be used to manage a facility more efficiently. As this suite of solutions continue to expand , Blue Snow will connect more Manufacturers and Innovators of new energy technologies with clients who are in need of them

MAIA - Mobile Application for Facility Asset Management

MAIA ( Mobile Application for Inspection and Assessment ) is a mobile and cloud solution that simplifies facility asset management efficiently and economically. With MAIA, you can easily coordinate the operations related to facility asset tracking and management, centralise information, and control and optimize asset management

Smart Meters

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iBEAM – Intelligent Energy Control

iBEAM is the smart technology of the future. It controls electrical equipment such as chillers, pumps, fans , lights and plug load and connected Renewable Energy Systems independently and in a decentralized way. This makes iBEAM the ideal tool for energy control – and the intelligent Blue Snow key technology for targeted turnaround in the energy sector.

iBEAM uses artificial intelligence to gauge, learn and anticipate user behaviour. It uses this information to ensure optimised energy consumption within a building. With this Blue Snow technology, a conventional building is transformed into an energy-efficient smart building. Through intelligent switching of loads, iBEAM also contributes to the development of a smart grid, thus helping to level out grid load and thereby achieve goals for targeted turnaround in the energy sector.

Explanation of the iBEAM technology

iBEAM is equipped with a self-learning algorithm that controls building technology appliances as effectively as possible and continuously optimises the process. Using artificial intelligence, iBEAM learns about the behaviour of power grids and users of the equipment. This means that iBEAM-connected systems and products can take optimum action without external orders or additional information, thereby reducing electricity costs and grid loads.

Everyday applications of iBEAM

The iBEAM technology can be employed with a range of power-intensive building technology appliances – from chillers to charging stations and fans to pumps. iBEAM always makes optimal use of all these types of equipment by actively communicating with the appliances and considering the comfort of the end client.

Implementation of iBEAM

iBEAM can be implemented as an inside solution or a plug-on solution.

iBEAM Inside: The intelligent algorithm is directly integrated into the respective product e.g. an active chilled beam or an AHU chilled water controller. Manufacturers of these products provide a wide range of options for integration – from hardware to embedded software integration. As the product comes factory-equipped with iBEAM, the building owner is able to avoid the time-consuming installation process.

iBEAM Plug & Play: For products that are already installed, a plug-on solution is also available. The iBEAM module is installed between the appliance and the building’s power distribution, and communicates directly with the gateway. Simple and cost-effective installation is guaranteed.

Benefits of iBEAM

iBEAM offers advantages to:

Building owners: from cost optimisation to the increase in personal consumption and the achievement of up to 80% self-sufficiency, iBEAM provides a comprehensive energy management system for building owners.

Energy providers: iBEAM is based on artificial intelligence; self-learning algorithms record data on the behaviour of power grids and users of the equipment, and employ this to facilitate new energy services.

Distribution network operators: thanks to iBEAM, power consumption, power generation and distribution grid loads can now operate in an evenly balanced way

Appliance manufacturers: iBEAM offers significant added value for building technology appliances. Products and Systems using iBEAM control energy in an optimal way as part of the entire system.