Innovative Energy Solutions

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Innovative Energy Solutions stand for Blue Snow’s newest and most innovative energy business activities – a reflection of the latest trends in the energy industry, such as energy efficiency, demand side management and smart grids. Blue Snow is developing its suite of innovative energy solutions in anticipation of a future characterised by the dissemination of smart grids including grid decentralization, increased renewable generation and the coming e-mobility revolution.

For Blue Snow, the application of artificial intelligence solutions in the energy business is no longer just a buzz word.

Data Driven Chiller Plant Optimization

Chiller Plants consume about 40 – 50% of a total fully air-conditioned facility especially district cooling plants. Blue Snow , along with its financial partner , offers a fully funded solution without any upfront cost to our customers.

Our technology is a self-learning load optimisation system that optimises energy consumption for central chilled water air-conditioning plants by learning from the weather and demand behaviour and optimising the production and delivery of chilled water.

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Smartflower Solar

Sustainable ways of thinking and being proactive are the elementary supporting pillars of our company’s philosophy. Manufacturing takes place in Austria using high quality materials so that our products produce electricity as long as possible. 25 years – we guarantee this is with our module performance guarantee. We also create jobs in an emerging, future-oriented branch of industry. With smartflower POP, we want to tell the world that photovoltaic systems can be completely simple, efficient and above all designed to perfection. We want to enable more people than ever to produce their own clean electricity for their households. We want to make cities, communities and companies independent; to free them from the load of increasing energy costs to the greatest extent possible. The fact that our systems are used successfully even in humanitarian crisis areas fills us with great pride

Clean solar power, whenever you need it – until now it has just been a pipe dream. Now you are closer than ever to realising that dream, because smartflower POP+ can not only turn the sun’s energy into electricity very efficiently; it can store it in sufficient quantities too. Completely integrated in an innovative all-in-one solar system that works on a plug-and-play principle like any normal household appliance. Either as an on-grid version with 2.3 kWh of storage or fully independently as an off-grid version with a storage capacity of 4.6 kWh. And the intelligent tracking function of the PV modules ensures that the system makes the most efficient use of the sun’s energy at all times of the day and year, while the battery is continuously recharged. So you can even enjoy cloudy days with a bright smile on your face 

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AQUA+ : Nano Fluids for Air-Conditioning

Ultrahigh-performance cooling is one of the most vital needs of many industrial technologies.

However, inherently low thermal conductivity is a primary limitation in developing energy-efficient heat transfer fluids that are required for ultrahigh-performance cooling.

Modern nanotechnology can produce metallic or nonmetallic particles of nanometer dimensions. These nanomaterials have unique mechanical, optical, electrical, magnetic, and thermal properties.

Nanofluids are engineered by suspending nanoparticles with average sizes below 100 nm in traditional heat transfer fluids and in our case, water

We disperse a very small amount of guest nanoparticles uniformly and suspended stably in water. This provides a dramatic improvement in the thermal properties of the water.

Our AQUA+ nanoparticle fluid suspensions is a new class of nanotechnology-based heat transfer fluid that exhibits thermal properties superior to water

We use nanofluid technology, a new interdisciplinary field of great importance where nanoscience, nanotechnology, and thermal engineering meet, has developed largely over the past decade.

Our goal with AQUA+ is to achieve the highest possible thermal properties at the smallest possible concentrations by uniform dispersion and stable suspension of nanoparticles in water

Although AQUA+ , an invention jointly developed by Blue Snow Energy and a partner University, is still in its final testing phases and commercialization is expected by the end of 2017

Potential Applications :

  1. Building Chilled Water Plants
  2. Active Chilled Beam chilled water circuit
  3. District Cooling Plants
  4. Industrial Process Cooling
  5. Data Center Water-based cooling
  6. Micro-processor Heat Sink
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Hybrid Virtual Power Plants

The hybrid Virtual Power Plant (VPP) enhances the conventional virtual power plant concept by combining it with elements from the smart services category, namely distributed generation, demand side and renewable energy systems assets. As the electricity markets (with the exception of the system services) largely preclude the demand side from direct participation, the full realisation of a hybrid VPP is still in the concept phase. However we consider it important to show how the smart services are evolving and connecting to the conventional marketplace.

  • Bundling of small thermal generators, renewable energy systems and demand side
  • Optimization of production and consumption, reduction in balancing energy costs

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