Energy Efficiency Consulting

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We offer integrated and intelligent consulting solutions for energy efficiency and the use of renewable energies in buildings, ensuring that you achieve your energy goals.

Increasing energy efficiency is an important step towards climate protection. Buildings in particular offer enormous potential. We work together with you to devise innovative solutions for the energy efficiency of structures and plants, as well as for the production of renewable energies in buildings.

Blue Snow takes its role seriously: we are committed to protecting the climate and resources, and to reducing emissions of harmful substances. This is not only important for the environment – energy efficiency measures also make economic sense and help to optimise your operating costs. We understand buildings, and we understand energy– and we combine these two areas of expertise to form our core competence of energy efficiency consulting


Overall Project Management

Energy/building technology and overall management are highly demanding elements of any construction project, calling not only for technical qualifications but also considerable sensitivity when it comes to dealing with various stakeholder groups. We have these skills, as well as the requisite organizational know-how to meet quality, cost and deadline specifications.


Building Technology Concept

The building technology concept is the “foundation” of every property, and determines future operating costs, comfort and investment. We support our customers with tailor- made building technology concepts. Measures are implemented right from the outset in the concept phase, with a view to keeping energy costs as low as possible once operations begin. Based on the concept, we develop the “Energy and Building Technology” specifications for use by the planning team.

The earlier in the construction process this is addressed, the greater the cost savings later on.


Expert Reports and Second Opinions

Building owners, investors and planners turn to us for our know-how – and we offer them expert reports and second opinions. Thanks to the interdisciplinary collaboration between our experienced specialists, we can reliably review concepts and maintenance categories in terms of the specified functionality, and assess building and plant conditions from a quantitative and qualitative perspective. We have the necessary measurement tools for gathering data on operational conditions.


Energy Benchmarking

The aim of benchmarking is to determine energy saving potential and energy costs quickly through comparison with identical or similar buildings and key parameters. The subsequent identification and elimination of energy weak points enables energy consumption to be reduced accordingly. Energy efficiency benchmarking can be performed either internally (buildings within an overall portfolio) or externally (buildings of various owners). Occasionally, the US EPA’s Energy Star Portfolio is also used but Blue Snow also has its own database on energy indices.

Benchmarking based on energy indices is an important instrument in competitor analysis. When implemented systematically, it enables our customers to initiate a process of continuous improvement.


Operational Optimization

Operational optimization has been shown to be the most attractive way to achieve rapid and efficiency improvements, CO2 reductions and cost savings. This is the “ low-hanging fruit “ Payback is less than two years, with savings potential of between 10 and 20 per cent for service companies and 5 to 10 per cent in industry. Operational optimization pays off immediately through lower energy costs, and benefits not only the owners but also – thanks to lower utility and service charges – the tenants.

We identify the relevant consumers with significant potential, and optimize them in a targeted manner. This is achieved not through costly investments but by adjusting parameters such as run times, temperatures, controls, etc. In buildings, operational optimization is achieved primarily through installation engineering and user behavior. The more technology is involved, the greater the potential for energy optimization.


Energy Monitoring and Control

Transparency in terms of energy flows within buildings and plants is of fundamental importance. Only by knowing how much energy is consumed is it possible to optimize in a targeted manner. We offer a tailor-made application that helps us to highlight where savings can be made.

With our energy controlling application with smart energy meters, we record the most important energy flows in your buildings and plants: energy data are read off at 15-minute intervals and transmitted to the Blue Snow server via an Internet connection. The customer can view the data through an easily accessible Web portal, with no need for any additional software.

Evaluation and analysis enables you to monitor energy flows for your buildings and plants on an ongoing basis, in an approach that can be compared to that of financial controlling. Outliers can thus be identified immediately, and the causes eliminated in a targeted manner. Our energy controlling forms an ideal basis for operational optimization and the resulting progress can be verified and documented.

You will receive automated reports that document energy coefficients and can thus be used effectively by portfolio management and operating personnel. As energy data often form the basis of utility and service charge statements, these documents can be prepared efficiently and accurately with specific data exports.

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