Data Driven Chiller Plant Optimization

Using Data of the Past to Predict The Future

Many companies in the Energy Efficiency space offer advice on how to improve energy efficiency or sell a new piece of equipment that helps customers save energy. We do neither. We offer a solution that helps buildings operate their existing equipment better and thereby achieve long term measureable and sustainable energy saving. Our solution is always paid through the savings we achieve over the long term, which aligns our incentive with that of our clients. If our clients don’t achieve any energy savings, we don’t get paid.

We focus on Air Conditioning Systems since its the most energy intensive system in a building

How Do We Do It ?

Our technology is a self-learning load optimisation system that optimises energy consumption for central chilled water air-conditioning plants by learning from the weather and demand behaviour and optimising the production and delivery of chilled water.

This is an Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) model where we make our investment back gradually by taking a portion of the savings achieved for the customer. The magnitude of savings is calculated by a mutually agreed international 3rd Party Verifier, a global player in the independent Testing , Inspection and Certification industry.

This is how we carry this out :

Step 1 – Initial Presentation

Step 2 – Walk through: A Walkthrough and Data Logging for a Deep Analysis is done informing the Client of the estimated savings

Step 3 – Contract negotiation: Presentation of Commercial Proposal

Step 4 – Installation: Commence Design, Customization, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of the Optimization system.  ( 3-6 months till commissioning )

Step 5 – Baseline Setting : The 3rd Party Verifier will be engaged to carry out baseline energy assessment ( and also the periodical savings evaluation afterwards )

Step 6 – Commissioning: After commissioning, the optimization of the chilled water plant will commence and operating data will be remotely tracked in real time

Step 7 – Post installation support: A team of dedicated Engineers to can be provided after sales support services if required

Normally customers have the following concerns about getting into an EPC agreement with a vendor :

High Audit Fees – Audit is conducted and energy efficiency estimated done without any cost nor obligation for the client

Operating KPI deterioration – Existing operational KPI/ comfort level is guaranteed. There is option to revert back to existing system

Interruption in Operation – The installation is designed to be implemented without interruption in operation nor change in service delivery

Quantifying Savings – The 3rd Party Verifier is engaged to establish the baseline and verify the savings throughout the contract period

Consistency of Energy Savings – Maintenance KPIs and benchmarks are established and monitored on site and remotely

Long Payback for Equipment Replacement – Energy conservation through Optimization has Greater Impact and Lower Cost compared to equipment replacement.


Financing Options

Shared Saving (EPC)

The customer then pays a pre-agreed portion of the savings achieved by our system to us during a pre-defined length of time. The customer will not pay any fees in case the system fails to achieve any savings

Zero/Low Cost – All Capital Expenditure is funded, no investment is required from Client

Leasing (EPC)

We will guarantee a specified amount of energy savings. The customer then pays a fixed amount during a specified period of time. The Customer and us will agree on a penalty schedule, should our system fail to reach the estimated savings

Zero/Low Cost – All Capital Expenditure is funded, no investment is required from Client

Outright Purchase

Customer pays all upfront investment costs. We guarantee a specified amount of energy saving for a pre-defined period. Customer will benefit from full amount of savings


For the EPC deals :


  1. Installed Hardware – Ownership of the installed hardware will be transferred to the Client at nominal USD 1 fee post Contract Period
  2. Ability to upgrade existing equipment – The Client is free to upgrade plant equipment after a 6 month lock-in period and then on get full benefit of new plant equipment.

Our Track Record

We were rewarded to implement our Optimisation system at Philips LumiLEDs factory in Singapore.  This resulted in 27% energy savings.

Instead of replacing the 14 year-old chiller plant, LumiLEDs assigned us to optimize the existing system with the goal of achieving lower energy consumption. Our solution helped LumiLEDs’ central chiller plant achieve  an efficiency of 0.64 kW/RT by improving its performance with 27% . This led to LumiLEDs saving over S$700,000 in annual energy costs. The project also resulted in LumiLED’s winning the BCA Green Mark Platinum Award in 2015 

Dairy Farm chose our solution to reduce energy consumption in their Giant Tampines store. This implementation led to achieved annual savings of over S$150,000

Resort World Sentosa used our solution to optimize the operation of its District Cooling System (DCS). Although a new DCS plant, our solution achieved a significant reduced energy consumption

Globalfoundries is a leading full-service semiconductor design, development, fabrication and innovation company. Globalfoundries has approximately 18,000 employees across 14 locations across the globe. Globalfoundries has chosen our solution to improve the energy efficiency of one its largest fabs in Singapore

HSBC is currently leasing the premises for its Head Quarter in Singapore. Both HSBC as tenant, as well as Jones Long Lasalle (The appointed facilities Management Company) and Capital Commercial Trust (the landlord) to benefitted from our optimization solution without any cost to either party

Shangri-La group chose our solution to improve the operation of Air Conditioning system at the Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa. By improving the operation of existing Air Conditioning equipment, the solution helped the group reduce its operating cost and mitigate parts of its environmental impact

Our solution was engaged to achieve energy savings at Tolaram Building in International Business Park (IBP). After seeing the depth of data generated by our system and insights it could bring to operation and maintenance, Tolaram chose the Value Added Maintenance service  to oversee maintenance of its existing HVAC equipment

Komoco Holdings installed its system at show room and office building in Alexandra road in order to optimise its water cooled packaged unit system. Besides achieving energy savings, the data gathered by our system helps in day to day operation and maintenance by facilitating fault detection and repair work

Changi Airport Group chose oursystem to improve the energy consumption of its Cargo Agent Building C (CAB C) in order to reach the groups Green Mark Goals

Besides Air Conditioning, our system can reduce the energy consumption of refrigeration systems. Singapore Airport Terminal Services (SATS) is in the process to use our solution to reduce energy consumption in cold rooms and freezers

Hewlett Packard (HP) Singapore chose our solution to reduce the energy consumption and environmental impact of its production facility in Singapore

Narai Hotel , Bangkok has been in operation for over 4 decades. Despite already following the Green Leaf Environmental Standard, it chose our proven energy-saving solutions to achieve even greater energy efficiency for its system

Mal Artha Gading (MAG) in Jakarta, is using our solution to help optimise its energy consumption to reduce the environmental impact of the building

Cloud Based Remote Monitoring and Data Analytics


The Chiller Plant Optimization solution gathers massive amount of data in order to operate the system in the most energy efficient manner.

Our Cloud Based Remote Monitoring and Data Analytics module can help our clients in accessing the data for internal analysis, benchmarking as well as remote monitoring and alarm purposes.

The system increases the efficiency of operational staff by allowing them to monitor the system via mobile devices and to receive email/SMS alarms in case Key Performance Indicators deteriorate. The system can also be used by portfolio owners to have a holistic view of all their different assets at a central location

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