Commissioning Authority

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This service is provided to meet conformity to LEED and other Green Building standards on ensuring building meets the Owner’s Design Requirements. A building can end up underperforming its intended design performance resulting in a short-changed client/owner, dissatisfied occupant and over-the- budget operating cost. Designers do not design systems to be commissioned adequately. Installers do not understand installation that easy to test, commission, operate and maintain. Facility managers do not understand the designed operational scheme and the parameters. New Buildings perform like old buildings.

Commissioning Management is a stage of the building lifecycle that can mean the difference between success and failure in meeting sustainability goals. An intensive quality assurance process that supports the design, construction, occupancy, and operations. It is carried out to meet the owner’s project requirements for energy, water, indoor environmental quality, and durability. Blue Snow carries out two types of Commissioning Management: Fundamental Commissioning and Enhanced Commissioning in line with the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certification.


What are the key benefits?

  • Transcends pre-construction; post-construction; operation during life; and end of life
  • Elevates building’s overall energy, water and waste performance and lowers operation, repair and maintenance cost
  • Better indoor air quality and thermal comfort
  • Increases Asset Value
  • Prerequisite for LEED certification

Blue Snow provides complete commissioning services for mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and renewable energy systems and assemblies, in accordance with ASHRAE Guideline 0-2005 and ASHRAE Guideline 1.1-2007 for HVAC&R Systems for energy, water, indoor environmental quality, and durability. Our services also comply to NIBS Guideline 3-2012 for Exterior Enclosures in the commissioning process.

Our main service for building commissioning is divided into two categories tailored to support LEED documentations, which are:

Fundamental Commissioning is a LEED Prerequisite and it consists of :

  1. Mechanical, including HVAC&R equipment and controls
  2. Plumbing, including domestic hot water systems, pumps, and controls
  3. Electrical, including service, distribution, lighting, and controls, including daylighting controls
  4. Renewable energy systems


Enhanced Commissioning is a LEED Credit and it consists of :

The Fundamental Commissioning scope (above ) and :

  • Design review prior 50% construction drawings
  • Review of contractor submittals
  • Development of systems manual
  • Verification of training for building operating personnel
  • Review of building operations within 10 months of occupancy

Commissioning for existing buildings:

Retro-commissioning (commissioning an un-commissioned buildings)

Resolves persistent problems and enhance the building’s operations and maintenance process to improve building equipment and system functions together. Required for LEED EB O+M and also a result of a detailed Building Audit

Re-commissioning (commissioning previously commissioned buildings)

Even the most energy efficient, “green” building systems will start to go “grey” right away.