Building Design, Technology and Management

The Past , Present and the Future - Always Unique
"We understand buildings. Building technology and facility management are two of our core competences – we provide everything from a single source."

In the planning, development, construction, commissioning and operation of a building, we consider every single detail. Tailored to the building’s size, usage, operating times, thermal comfort requirements and climatic conditions. And accompanied by all technical facility management duties as well as service and maintenance throughout the entire life.

BIM for MEP (Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing) Applications

BIM (Building Information Modelling) is an intelligent modelling-based program tailored to architecture, engineering and construction professionals. It carries out system design modelling and optimizations to ensure your building would run at top-notch efficiency.

Energy efficiency is our top priority. We, together with our partner who has completed prestigious BIM projects globally, provide high-end BIM services in the MEP sectors- from the initial stage of design to the end of the building lifecycle. The services are suitable for new buildings as well as retrofitting, and include (but not limited to):

  • BIM consulting
  • CAD services
  • Laser scans to BIM
  • Energy Analyses at various stages of the project lifecycle

Electrical Engineering

Whether a large- or small-scale system – every electrical system must be energy efficient, permanently available and safe. Our solutions and services range from planning through commissioning and installation to maintenance and repair.

Our Electrical Engineering Consulting service range for buildings spans from:

  • HT, MV, LV and ELV systems
  • Lighting technology
  • Comprehensive cabling solutions
  • Controls

Whatever your needs, you can count on our planning expertise and the foresight of a long-established generalist. For every installation we take the entire life cycle into consideration:

  • Comprehensive advice from the initial planning phase
  • Advice on selecting installation components
  • Professional system integration
  • Efficient, cooperative construction site management
  • Cost-effective, high-tech assembly and installation
  • Service contracts and annual maintenance agreements for your electrical
  • Systems (outsourcing)
  • Commissioning/start-up
  • Training for your staff
  • System handover

Air Conditioning

We deliver in high degree of thermal comfort to wherever people live or work. We plan, design and assemble ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration systems, focused on our customers’ specific individual needs.

Balanced climatic conditions in the workplace ensure high occupant productivity and performance. We plan and install practical ventilation technology solutions for commercial, healthcare and industrial facilities

We have well-trained and competent teams at our disposal that are deployed according to our customers’ needs. This enables us to provide expert advice, implementation/installation and maintenance from a single source. Experienced engineers and technicians support you in the planning, implementation and management of ventilation projects and assume responsibility for optimum and individual solutions.

  • Individual consultancy
  • Planning of conversions and renovations
  • Planning and installation of new systems
  • Measuring services, condition analyses and optimization
  • Qualified service technicians

Our industry-specific know-how and experience range from the installation of simple air conditioners for ambient comfort to large-scale projects in industry and research. We meet the most demanding requirements for complex building installations.

Optimal indoor climatic conditions are essential for well-being. In work processes, the right climate is a decisive factor for quality, productivity and safety.

Our customers and partners include general contractors, industrial and service companies as well as real estate companies and agencies, and specialists such as planners, architects and engineers. We ensure a good climate in administration buildings and institutions, in airports, railway stations, hotels and shopping malls.

Our most important fields of activity:

  • Data Centers (server room air-conditioning etc.)
  • Office
  • Hospitals & operation theaters
  • Production operations (process cooling water installations etc.)
  • Clean Rooms

Our services

  • Detailed Design
  • Planning of conversions and renovations
  • Planning and installation of new systems
  • Measuring services, condition analyses and optimization
  • Clean Rooms

    We specialize in clean-room systems for the pharmaceutical, electronics and food industries, hospitals, plastic manufacturers and research laboratories. Our partner experts have extensive know-how in a broad range of manufacturing and finishing processes.

    Clean Rooms for Hospitals
    Our services and solutions are used wherever there is a need to plan and implement innovative concepts for the cleanest possible air. Our experts make sure that the air in operating theatre is clean and germ-free. They know your needs, speak your language and can draw on years of experience in solution development for hospital components – the ideal credentials for producing bespoke, professional and cost-effective solutions.

    Industrial Clean Rooms
    We design and develop integrated solutions for clean-room systems for the pharmaceutical industry as well as sector-specific, customized clean-room solutions for the electronics industry. In many areas of production, highly sensitive clean rooms are a must, for example for photolithography processes, copper metallization, microprocessors etc.

    Measurement and Verification for Clean Rooms
    The right quality of air has a positive effect on well-being, safety and productivity. We measure and analyze your air and provide the basis for solutions. Our experts are accredited by NEBB (National Environmental Balancing Bureau)

    Our services:

    • Particle measurement
    • Flow Balancing
    • Statistical Analysis
    • Differential Pressure
    • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) of Room Air
    • Parameters
    • Bacteria Counts
    • Thermal Comfort evaluation
    • Infrared Thermo-graphical Analysis

    Service & TFM (Technical Facility Management)

    Blue Snow is your reliable partner for Service & Technical Facility Management projects, tailored to your individual needs. With our diverse range of services we take care of all essential building management services for you. We find individual solutions and develop forms of cooperation adapted to each building

    In all areas of Service & TFM you benefit from our skills and the range of options we offer. We deploy the most appropriate provider for the particular project at hand. We thus give you the option to put together your own needs-based, integrated Service & TFM mandate.

    The strength of our Service & TFM offer lies in the combination of individuality and diversity. The service modules, responsibility and support are individual, our competences and the options we offer you are diverse. We are the interface between you as our customer and all third-party providers. All projects are allocated in agreement with you, according to clear value-for- money criteria.

    • Consulting, design, planning
    • Installation
    • Operation, maintenance, servicing
    • Training
    • Remote Monitoring service
    • 24/7 call-out service
    • Periodical Inspections/checks
    • Measurements, diagnostics and analysis
    • Periodical Reports
    • Facility Optimization
    • Cleaning
    • Renovation, rehabilitation, recycling, disposal

    Building Audits

    Building Audits provide in-depth analysis of a building’s capacity to support current and future needs when you need to carry out cost reduction or purchase a building and need to uncover hidden costs. With this service, you will:

    1. Know the Real Value of the Building and Prevent future un-planned Capex Catastrophes
    2. Be able to Bring Systems back to its proper operational state and Increase Equipment Life
    3. Be able to Boost Tenant Satisfaction and Reduce Complaints
    4. Be able to Reduce Energy and Demand Costs and Improve Indoor Air Quality
    5. Enhance Facility Operation and Maintenance and Conform to latest Building Guidelines

    The process is to audit the Systems (Core & Shell and Energy), Procedures and Utilities – Core & Shell Systems are Façade, Substructure and Superstructure, and the main Energy Systems are HVAC&R, Electrical, BMS, Fire Protection and Plumbing

    Operations and Maintenance Procedures are also audited and these are based on history of Repair, Preventive Maintenance, Systems Documentation and Scheduling and for Operational Cost Reduction, Energy, Water and Waste Audits are conducted

    Finally , a ‘snapshot’ of the actual condition of the building, propose remedial measures, highlight further tests and analyses required and calculate the cost to return the building to its original intended operating condition or convert it to a more superior building.

    Our Building Audit Services:

    • Façade Audit – Condition Inspection / Infrared Thermography (Heat Leakage) / Envelope Tightness (Air Leakage) / Facade Thermal Performance (Optional)
    • Substructure & Superstructure Audit – Study of existing architectural &structural drawings, design criteria, design calculations, structural stability certificate (if any) of existing structures
    • Substructure & Superstructure Visual Inspection

    HVAC&R Audit:

    • Study Operational Parameters
    • Compare Heat Load Simulation with actual Heat Load
    • Central Chiller Plant System – Chilled Water Generation & Delivery Systems & Condenser Water Systems – dT analysis
    • Air-Side ( AHU/FCU/Ventilation Fans) & Unitary Systems – Psychrometric Analysis
    • Controls

    Electrical Main Incoming and Distribution ( MV/LV/ELV) Audit:

    • Transformer – Visual Inspection, Measurements & Functional Checks
    • Internal Inspection
    • Power Quality Measurement – Harmonics / Flicker ( dv/dt) / Transformer ‘k’
    • Rating
    • Infrared Thermography Scanning
    • Partial Discharge Test
    • Short Circuit and Load Flow Simulation
    • Arch Flashing and shock Hazard Assessment

    Plumbing Audit:

    • Tanks and Pumping Systems
    • Match Water Supply with present and future FTE
    • Piping, Fittings, Water Pressure and Flow

    Other auditing services:

    • Fire Fighting Audit – Extinction, Detection & Alert Systems
    • Security System Audit
    • Building Management Systems Audit
    • ASHRAE Level 1, 2 and 3 Energy Audit
    • Water Availability and Quality Audit
    • Waste and Effluent Audit

    Refrigeration Systems

    We design and build refrigeration systems for the commercial sector, the gastronomy and hotel industry, the food industry and the research sector. For industrial production processes and wholesale, we deliver standard systems or implement special systems.

    Commercial refrigeration systems

    We offer commercial refrigeration systems in the small to medium performance range. Thanks to our extensive expertise, we know all about special requirements and are able to plan and build customized systems. We build commercial refrigeration systems for a range of different sectors. We deliver standard systems as well as systems tailored to special requirements. Our systems ensure seamless refrigeration all the way from the producer to the consumer. Wherever possible and practical, we use the appropriate heat recovery systems in conjunction with refrigeration systems.

    Our most important fields of activity:

    • Food & Beverage and the Hospitality industry (refrigeration and freezer units, drink coolers, blast freezers etc.)
    • Hospitals, nursing homes and penal institutions (refrigeration systems for medicines and blood / plasma banks etc.)
    • Supermarkets, convenience stores, retailers, butchers, bakeries, florists (refrigeration and freezer cabinets, display cases, stand-alone and interconnected refrigeration systems, direct and indirect refrigeration systems, systems based on natural refrigerants etc.)
    • Research institutes, laboratories (low-temperature equipment, climate simulation systems)

    Industrial refrigeration systems
    Industrial refrigeration systems are designed for high performance and often operated using natural refrigerants. These systems need to satisfy the most demanding requirements. We offer the ideal combination of components, materials and decades-long experience in developing and implementing refrigeration concepts. A sound investment is the foundation of systems that can remain up and running long after they have been amortized. We come up with bright ideas that integrate natural refrigerants without compromising on performance. That’s good for the environment, good for your budget and boosts your company’s strong image.

    Our most important fields of activity:

    • Logistic service providers (refrigerated warehouses, high-bay warehouses etc.)
    • Chemical industry (process refrigeration systems etc.)
    • Food production (blast refrigeration and freezing systems etc.)

    For any queries, please contact us at [email protected].