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Energy Management

Energy management is the process of monitoring, controlling, and conserving energy in a building or organization. Smart energy management is revolutionizing traditional utility operating and business models by providing new capabilities—from improvements in integrated resource planning to carbon emission reductions to higher asset utilization.

Blue Snow Energy works with our clients to identify and manage opportunities that deliver smart energy management—from energy efficiency, demand response, renewable energy , smart grid, microgrids, energy storage, and other emerging solutions.

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Energy Efficiency Consulting

No matter what the driver, many companies approach energy efficiency assuming that an effective energy program can only be implemented through a significant outlay of capital. Although these types of investments can be an important part of an energy strategy, they are not the only, or even the first consideration when designing an energy reduction and cost saving transformation.

Blue Snow’s experience with its numerous clients and partners worldwide suggests that approximately 40% of the total energy efficiency improvement opportunity—is achievable by changing the “energy culture” and focusing on the implementation of low cost/no cost continuous improvement projects.

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Green Building Consulting

Blue Snow employs and integrative approach to green building certification processes where the design implementation is done at the earliest possible stage to ensure minimal or zero cost increase. In all our projects , we work closely with the owner and the design team on sustainability value engineering to reduce system cost while harnessing the highest potential possible on energy efficiency , thermal comfort and indoor environment quality 

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ClimaCheck Performance Analyser

Blue Snow runs several diagnostics using ClimaCheck- the world leader in performance analysis in refrigeration systems. The ClimaCheck Performance Analyser allows property owner, contractor, consultant or manufacturer to scientifically analyse and evaluate practically every type of cooling or heat pump system. Up to 40% of energy saving can be achieved through this application. 

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Testing, Adjusting & Balancing (TAB)

Blue Snow provides measurement and calibration of centralized air-conditioning ( HVAC) systems to meet the design air flow and chilled water flow as required achieving the optimum thermal comfort, energy and IAQ performance. Testing , Adjusting and Balancing or TAB , balances air flows within occupied space and does hydronic balancing of chilled water flows. This results in finely-tuned and energy-efficient HVAC system.

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Glass Optical & Thermal Measurement

Solar radiation through glass windows is one of the biggest contributors to the heat loads in an interior space, which in turn affects the cooling power requirement. To ensure efficient energy usage, the selection of glasses is of paramount importance, especially with the increasing popularity of glass buildings. Blue Snow, along with a reputable glass testing laboratory provide optical and thermal testing services for glasses to ensure they are up to standards.

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Commissioning Authority

Commissioning is a standardized process lead by a professional, commonly referred to as a Commissioning Authority (CxA), who is knowledgeable in the design, construction, and operation of systems. The The CxA typically leads a team of system experts trained and certified in the facility commissioning field. In this role , Blue Snow’s engineering personnel will verify that the building’s energy related systems are installed, calibrated and perform according to the owner’s project requirements, basis of design, and construction documents

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Building Design, Technology and Management

Mechanical and electrical services accounts for a significant proportion of the cost of modern buildings and the provision of building services has become increasingly complex and challenging, therefore we seek to satisfy customer needs by providing cost effective creative design solutions.Although our team can carry out the entire range of MEP services, in Blue Snow , we focus on centralized air-conditioning and refrigeration design as well as electrical engineering.

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HVAC Design Optimization

Blue Snow’s core competancy is in specialized high-efficiency air-conditioning design and we work with systems ranging from ACB (Active Chilled Beam) and UFAD ( Underfloor Air Distribution ) Systems with DOAS to building integrated radiant cooling systems.Our HVAC professionals can take any preliminary or detailed design and help the owner and the design to optimize the HVAC system from the point of  Cost, Energy , Increased Floor Space Area, Reduced Floor-to- Floor Height, Thermal Comfort and Indoor Air Quality 

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Plant Performance Optimization

Blue Snow’s team of engineers and business consultants provide clients with consulting services and customized plant performance optimization solutions that help to unlock the potential within companies. These services examine productivity and efficiency issues from a technical and human perspective, using modelling, tools, root cause analyses techniques, etc. together with training, mentoring, skills transfer and coaching techniques. This where our globally networked industry experts pool in their resources to harness the creativity that’s required to optimize a plant.

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Solar Photovoltaic

We plan, design and construct turnkey Solar Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal systems. This commences from the Consulting and Planning right through to Project management and installation and finally the continuous Service, Support and Maintenance.

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