Plant Performance Optimization

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Plant performance optimization ensures on-going efficiency of production plants and people

Production and manufacturing industries incur production losses due to aging plants, ineffective and inefficient plants and processes, design inefficiencies, lack of maintenance or poor quality of work.

Other contributing factors that influence workplace productivity include low workforce morale, poor knowledge transfer due to a silo culture and/or a high staff turnover, lack of knowledge, practical technical skills and management skills, to name a few. It is critical to identify and remedy the root cause for a downturn in performance, restoring productivity to designed levels and ensuring the longevity of the business

Blue Snow’s team of engineers and business consultants provide clients with consulting services and customized plant performance optimization solutions that help to unlock the potential within companies. These services examine productivity and efficiency issues from a technical and human perspective, using modelling, tools, root cause analyses techniques, etc. together with training, mentoring, skills transfer and coaching techniques. All of these form part of the main building blocks to drive production and to improve plant and organizational performance.

  • Integrated Plant Performance Solution
  • Plant Recovery/Optimization
  • Water Treatment Plant Optimization
  • Refrigeration and Cooling System Optimization
  • Boiler and Heat Exchanger Analyses, Performance and Availability Optimization
  • Bulk Materials Handling Reliability Studies
  • Process Effectiveness Review and Modelling
  • Thermal-hydraulic Modelling
  • Development of Plant and Process Evaluation Tools
  • Remaining Life Assessment
  • Maintenance Philosophy Enhancement
  • Independent Incident Investigation

The entire plant performance optimization process is built on a trusting relationship with our client. We apply a holistic, formal approach to plant performance, taking the people, processes and technology aspects of production into account. A small, customized, multi-skilled team is deployed to work inside the client’s organization for a pre-determined period that typically runs over two years.

Our team focuses on solving the biggest operational pain points by developing a customized solution in conjunction with the client. The team helps to drive the process internally using a structured project plan that is supported by both formal and informal internal communication. The combination of specialized, technical skills and non-technical, “human energy drivers” work in unison to empower the client to deliver the change that will result in enhanced, sustainable productivity.

Companies that experience optimal plant performance over the long-term are not only able to ensure accurate performance forecasts and planning, but they can optimize cost and time efficiencies, as well as deliver on promises to their stakeholders.

Other benefits include:

  • Increased Productivity at an Acceptable Cost;
  • Enhanced Safety and Health Performance;
  • Improved Workforce Morale;
  • Improved Brand Value;