Our Company

Then and Now

Blue Snow Energy was set up in 2005 to provide boutique energy and building technology services to the building and infrastructure sector. The focus was to assemble a team of industry professionals to assist developers, owners and design teams to enhance the energy performance of buildings in its design stage and buildings that are already in operation.

As the company progressed, clients were increasingly asking for total solutions as opposed to just analysis. This drove Blue Snow to develop its own solutions as well as partner with other solution providers to provide services ranging from audit, design, analysis, solution implementation, commissioning and maintenance.

Today, Blue Snow , an Engineering Consulting entity registered with the Board of Engineers, provides full and comprehensive Engineering , Energy Management  and Energy Know-How tailored to your business ideas 

Our Expertise

Green Buildings

LEED , GBI , GREENMARK , WELL and regional Green Building consultancy and certification 

Building Audits

Comprehensive Menu-driven Facility Audits to increase value and reduce costs

Data-driven Chiller Plant Optimization

Increasing Chiller Plant Efficiency at no Cost to the Owner

Engineering for Efficiency & Sustainability

Customized Air-Conditioning Design to meet the highest Energy Efficiency , Thermal Comfort and Indoor Air Quality

Engineering Trainings

Variety of training courses as part of our complete engineering solutions, customized to meet your individual needs

We Offer Services in Various Sectors







Patients and visitors expect — and deserve — a comfortable and safe healthcare environment. How well your facility is maintained directly affects their outcomes, as well as their overall hospital experience
Healthcare and hospital facility management is constantly needed to maintain a clean and healthy environment. It is important for medical facilities to ensure service requests are responded to quickly and efficiently and preventive maintenance schedules are set up in order to maintain operations without interruption.
We help prepare hospitals for high levels of sustainability through proper maintenance management practices, audits and scalability and analytics guide planning of real-time system management
A green hospital can be defined as one which enhances patient well-being, aids the curative process, while utilising natural resources in an efficient environment-friendly manner.
With our expertise in facility management and green buildings , we can convert existing hospitals to green hospitals.


Central Chiller Plants are the single largest consumer of energy in a typical commercial building in tropical climates, accounting for between 40 – 60% of the total electricity bill. Substantial savings in energy can be obtained by focusing on the fundamental characteristics of each part of the HVAC system while optimizing the operation at system level.
Continuously optimizing the interaction between the different parts of the HVAC system leads to optimal cooling load in the most energy efficient manner


Blue Snow offers complete mall management services that go far beyond day-to-day maintenance. All of our projects benefit from our expertise, tailored management approach and our consideration of the broader property implications for our clients. At Blue Snow, we believe that facility management is not just about maintenance, it’s about continuously improving the property in order to increase the value and satisfaction of owners and tenants, alike. We stand out through our proactive and integrated approach, meaning we align departments and systems to address route issues before they develop into full-fledged problems. We do this by end to end consultancy: from detailed building audits to reviews of existing arrangements and agreements , Energy and Utilities Management and Asset Lifecycle Analysis


Blue Snow’s team of engineers and business consultants provide clients with consulting services and customized plant performance optimization solutions that help to unlock the potential within companies. These services examine productivity and efficiency issues from a technical and human perspective, using modelling, tools, root cause analyses techniques, etc. together with training, mentoring, skills transfer and coaching techniques. All of these form part of the main building blocks to drive production and to improve plant and organizational performance.


Almost 70% of a corporate entity's operating cost is people. People need to thrive in a thermally comfortable indoor environment to be provide value for their salaries. The main factors that influence thermal comfort are those that determine heat gain and loss, namely metabolic rate, clothing insulation, air temperature, mean radiant temperature, air speed and relative humidity. Psychological parameters, such as individual expectations, also affect thermal comfort. In Blue Snow, we improve the thermal comfort by smart design and retro-commissioning of the Air-Conditioning System, conducting thermal comfort surveys and creative workplace design. We make these decisions together with the client by presenting workplace productivity improvements and decline in absenteeism and converting these into actual tangible monetary value.

The Cheapest and The Cleanest Energy is The Energy That You Don't Use

"Blue Snow owes its success to these sustainable values and senses which have indelibly shaped our company, employees, services and solutions."


Design drives the very soul of our company. Every project or audit is seen from a whole-minded approach.


We have practiced the art of putting together the pieces. We synthesize rather than purely analyse and try to see relationships between seemingly unrelated fields


We strive to put ourselves in our client’s shoes , see with their eyes and even feel with their hearts. Rather than the old adage that the client is always right, we involve an element of mimicry and try to ‘ feel the client’s pain ‘


The story is just as integral to the human experience as design. We want to be able to co-create stories with our clients as equal partners, enabling us to understand their deepest sustainability requirements and deliver a quick, flexible and uncomplicated response


We believe in having fun while getting the job done and do that with a combination of games, humor and joyfulness.