HVAC Design Optimization

The Past , Present and the Future - Always Unique

Air-Conditioning systems in a commercial building consume about 60% or more of the total energy (depending on the façade performance). Along with the building’s electrical systems, HVAC also the most expensive MEP system. This is an area where MEP value engineering should be focused. Our HVAC professionals can take any preliminary or detailed design and help the owner and the design to optimize the HVAC system from the point of :

  1. Cost
  2. Energy Consumption
  3. Increased Floor Space Area ( reduced air-side equipment footprint )
  4. Reduced Floor-to- Floor Height ( ducting optimization )
  5. Thermal Comfort
  6. Indoor Air Quality

At times we even propose radical new systems and provide enough design ideas ( through design workshops, drawings and technical reports ) to enable the project’s mechanical engineer to produce a full design with drawings and specifications. Our solutions are always sensible to the needs of the owner , architect and the MEP design team and will ensure products related to the solution is easily assesible within the domestic market

We help the design team justify to the client on return on investment and other non-tangible benefits.

The type of systems we work with are :

  1. DOAS ( Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems )
  2. VAV with DOAS
  3. ACB (Active Chilled Beam) Systems ( with DOAS )
  4. UFAD ( Underfloor Air Distribution ) Systems with DOAS
  5. Radiant Cooling Ceilings with DOAS
  6. Multi-evaporator VRV ( Variable Refrigerant Flow) with DOAS
  7. Heat Recovery ( Heat Pipes , Sensible and Enthalpy Wheels etc)  
  8. Active Chilled Beams /Displacement Ventilation/UFAD system design