Green Building Consulting

The Past , Present and the Future - Always Unique

Green building rating systems allow building owners and developers to evaluate their buildings according to standard governed performance markers such as building performance, occupancy comfort & productivity, and operational savings; parameters previously unaccounted for in the property market. The value proposition of a green building can now cover;

  1. Increased building asset value
  2. Increased energy & water savings
  3. Increased occupancy rates & tenant satisfaction
  4. Enhanced occupant productivity
  5. Enhanced brand image

Certification Standards

LEED ( Leadership in Energy and Environment ) – USA/Global

EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies) – Global

GBI ( Green Building Index ) – Malaysia

BCA Greenmark – Singapore

Green RE – Malaysia

WELL ( Global Building Wellness ) – USA/Global

Our Approach

Integrative Process

Green building design implementation is done at the earliest possible stage to ensure minimal or zero cost increase

Workshops & Software Simulation

Collaboratively with other consultants, cost-effectiveness of design implementations are ascertained and supported with software tools including;

  • Dynamic Energy Modelling
  • Overall Thermal Transmission Value (OTTV)
  • Building Energy Intensity (BEI)
  • ASHRAE 55 Thermal Comfort Simulation
  • Daylighting Simulation

Site Green Conformance

To ensure full compliance, our team carry out random inspections at site to ensure contractors adhere to the stringent requirements of the green building standards

Continued Excellence

Proper building operations & maintenance is paramount to a green building. Regular monitoring & maintenance of green buildings using intelligent building management systems ensures green buildings benefit owners and occupants in the short and long term.

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