Glass Optical & Thermal Measurement

Improving energy efficiency via glass selection

Glass buildings are becoming increasingly popular due to the abundance of natural sunlight they allow into the buildings and the aesthetic value they possess. However, glass building traps heat; and more sunlight being radiated through the glasses means higher indoor temperature and hence increased cooling power required to cool the space down to a comfortable condition. On the other hand, in places with a cold climate, heat loses more quickly from a glass-based building and more heating power would be needed.

With that being said, the selection of glass is extremely crucial to ensure efficient energy usage in a building. During the selection of glasses, it is important to understand the properties of the glasses being considered, such as the thermal conductivity, solar reflectance characteristics, type of glazing, emissivity etc.

We are proud to be collaborating with a reputable testing laboratory based in Singapore. The services provided include facade and roof materials testing using their state-of-the-art facilities as well as on-site optical and thermal measurement.

These are some of the equipment in the laboratory:

The UV/VIS/NIR spectrophotometer

The emissiometer

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