Energy Modeling Audit

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What is an Energy Modeling Audit ?

We use a Building Hourly Analysis Profile (HAP) tool to input building architectural and machine parameters and run simulations on how energy demand and consumption trends in a set period and compare the result with actual bills. This will identify critical areas in need for improvement to achieve optimal energy efficiency and cost savings and assists in fine-tuning the building operations

Why carry out an Energy Modeling Audit ?

There are 2 reasons why an Energy Modelling Audit is conducted :

  1. The Building Owner wants to know which areas or components of the building/s are performing or not performing according to what was originally specified by comparing the completed dynamic model with actual measured data
  2. The Building Owner wants a ‘live’ energy model of the building which , after a few weeks of ‘tweaking’ starts to mimic the energy flows of the building. The Owner can then add a device or modify a system or insulate the facade and then review the resulting predicted energy consumption from the model

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