ClimaCheck Performance Analyser

To measure is to know

Blue Snow runs several diagnostics using ClimaCheck- the world leader in performance analysis in refrigeration systems. The ClimaCheck Performance Analyser allows property owner, contractor, consultant or manufacturer to scientifically analyse and evaluate practically every type of cooling or heat pump system. ClimaCheck documents baseline performance and provides precise information on all potential areas for improvement and savings.

ClimaCheck’s capability of early detection and warning for decreased efficiency or leaks is unique on the market. Most of the field measurements and online measurements done with ClimaCheck prove that high rating does not ensure efficient operation in a plant. 20-30% of the energy can be saved in most plants through re-commissioning with ClimaCheck and most failures can be avoided if faults are identified before any damage is caused.

ClimaCheck - Applications

The ClimaCheck Performance Analyser is used to document performance in all types of vapour compression systems such as refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump systems. The areas of use include:

  • Product and System Development
  • Commissioning/Recommissioning/Warranty Inspections
  • Performance Inspections
  • Energy Optimization
  • Troubleshooting                        
  • Preventive Service & Maintenance

Onsite Measurements and Adjustments

Within 20-40 minutes upon connection with the sensors, complete performance analysis on heat pumps, refrigeration or air conditioning systems can be obtained in real time. The report includes:

  • Systems Efficiency Index (SEI)
  • Capacity/Energy efficiency/COP
  • Compressor efficiency
  • Condenser/Evaporator efficiency (inlet/outlet)
  • Temperature (temperature differences)
  • Control Functions (at different loads without expensive travel/data collection)
  • Expansion Valve function (superheat values)
  • Refrigerant charge/leakage

ClimaCheck Onsite PA PRO III Portable Performance Analyser

Online System Monitoring

ClimaCheck offers state of the art visualisation of performance that gives early warning if the energy consumption is rising; and performs validation if the optimisations give desired savings. ClimaCheck will pinpoint any problems- via System Efficiency Index (SEI) and Sub efficiencies that highlight deviations from optimal performance and allow benchmarking.

Remote access can be allowed for manufacturers, performance inspectors and experts for the purpose of plant optimisation and preventive measures implementation. Users will be able to access detailed energy statistics to compare and analyse energy consumption online. Besides that, an “indirect leak detection” that runs 24/7 is also incorporated into ClimaCheck, reducing the number of visits to carry out on-site leak detection checks.

ClimaCheck Complete System for LAN and GPRS

ClimaCheck Online Dashboard